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I met Dr. Shanna Zhang a couple of months ago. At that time, I was suffering from my tailbone, low back, numbness, cramps and pain in my both legs. I couldn't sit or walk for more than 30 minutes a day. I had to deal with that chronic pain and frustration for almost two years. I couldn't take care of my two little boys and chores at home. I couldn't deal with the fact that from a very active and energetic woman, I was very limited with my physical activities. I did a lot of tests. While the orthopedic doctors diagnosed me with coccydynia, the neurologist couldn't come up with any diagnoses at all.

As soon as Dr Zhang diagnosed me a couple of months ago, she started using acupuncture treatment. I was able to tell the difference right way. I still go to Dr. Zhang, she uses more advance techniques now, and my numbness and overall pain has been reduced, my energy level is up and I feel much better taking care of things I couldn't do previously. Dr Zhang also describes me some herbs that I use weekly for my overall wellness. I am very happy that she is looking not simply at my particular health problems, but at my body as a whole. I am amazed by the way she does it! A quiet, but yet, opened, gentle and thoughtful person, Dr. Zhang is fast in finding the most accurate treatment for you.

I am very lucky to benefit from her experience, knowledge, and passion in using Oriental Medicine. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang for all sufferers out there.


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