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Pain and Stuffy Head

I met Dr. Shanna Zhang about two years ago when I was suffering from whole body pain, stuffy head and dry cough which were not responding to the usual regular treatments of taking decongestants, analgesics and /or antibiotics. Finally, frustrated and discouraged, my wife advised me to try Oriental treatment for my problem. Reluctantly I agreed and had good fortune to see Dr. Shanna the first time.... She took my pulse, looked at my tongue and prescribed some herbs for me to take. To my surprise I was up and about with in 24 hours and back to my regular routine job within 48 hours. Needless to say, I have been a believer of Oriental Medicine ever since.... Beyond the effective results from medications, the bedside manners of Dr. Shanna, her kind and gentle disposition with genuine show of concern makes the patient fell better faster. I will highly recommend Dr. Shanna to anyone suffering from ailments that requires treatment with thorough knowledge of herbs, acupuncture points, cupping etc...

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Dr. L.A

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