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Sports Pain

Dr. Zhang has been instrumental in facilitating my return to aggressive sports. Before receiving acupuncture from Dr. Zhang, my back pain (due to degenerative disks in the lower lumbar) prevented me from enjoying intense athletic pursuits. I was limited to one day of racing because my back would lock up and my achilles tendons would tighten, causing pain, if I tried to engage in a physically demanding activity the following day.

Now, I am able to race cyclocross on Saturday and race in a biathlon on Sunday with no pain. The tension that I felt in my body before working with Dr. Zhang limited my enjoyment of outdoor sports. Last weekend, I competed in my first 12-hr adventure race and aside from the stinging nettles, poison ivy, and thorns my body felt surprisingly good. I attribute my decreased muscle soreness and faster recovery rate after competitions to the wonderful, professional care that Dr. Zhang provides athletes.


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