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Deep Venous Thrombosis

In 1993 while in my early 20s I had a knee surgery that left me with a serious life-threatening debilitating condition called DVT or Deep Venous Thrombosis. I have suffered these past 16 years from additional cascading complications including edema, post thrombotic syndrome, serious ulceration, severe continuous pain and other obvious signs of concern such as portions of my foot and toes becoming severely discolored when I am in the most severe pain or simply when the weather turns cold (I was told by western doctors this was a complication of a drug I was prescribed over a decade ago). I have previously been considered disabled and in 1995 I was told by a head surgeon at a major metro area hospital my prognosis for improvement was "minimal at best". Over the years I have followed up with numerous doctors and had repeat tests performed - not only was the underlying condition stagnant, I continued to develop serious cascading complications.

I finally discovered alternative wellness principles a few years ago. With a combination of alternative therapies and supplements the underlying condition finally began showing slight improvement and the underlying complications finally stopped progressively getting much worse. However, something was still missing in the puzzle of regaining my health... After witnessing Dr. Zhang's work with my husband, I decided to seek her treatment for my debilitating conditions. Since seeking the assistance of Dr. Zhang, I have experienced a marked improvement in my own situation. She has the experience and the knowledge of not only ancient Chinese herbal wisdom, but combined with her knowledge and experience in Neurology, she has been helping me to improve my situation far greater than I had ever hoped after Western medicine practitioners left me with no other treatment options. Dr. Zhang has become my inspiration to keep progressing forward with an otherwise incurable and untreatable situation. I now have an improved range of motion, my strength/mobility is increasing, my pain level is subsiding and overall I feel better than I have in nearly 2 decades - more than half of my life!

Thanks Dr. Zhang!!


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