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Enlarged Prostate

I have been under Dr. Shanna's care for more than one year. When I first went to her, I was suffering from an enlarged prostate, which was causing me to experience frequent urination, especially at night. My primary care physician had prescribed medication to control the urge to urinate, but the medication did not address the issue of the enlarged prostate. At the suggestion of a friend, I went to Dr. Shanna to ask if Chinese medicine could actually alleviate the prostrate enlargement and thereby deal with the problem of the frequent urination. Dr. Shanna said that indeed Chinese medicine, including herbal therapy and acupuncture, could shrink my prostate.

Dr. Shanna prescribed a regimen of herbal teas, acupunture, and ultra-sound therapy. The regimen has lasted for more than 9 months, initially requiring weekly treatments but now reduced to monthly treatments. Early on in the treatment, I discontinued use of the medication prescribed by my primary physician. Any time I had done this before, I immediately began to experience the urination problem again. In this instance, however, the nighttime urination did not recur. My most recent examination by my primary physician indicates that my prostate has returned to its normal size. As a result, I no longer experience the problem of frequent urination and interrupted sleep.

Based on my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Shanna and traditional Chinese medicine for any chronic medical complaint.


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